Rumah Gadang – Minang Traditional House

Each of local culture of Indonesia has specific model of architecture, some are so different and the other could be little bit similar one and another. Minangkabau indigenous peoples in West Sumatera Province have a very beautiful house both the outside and inside, they named their traditional house as Rumah Gadang (big house) or Rumah Bagonjong (spired roof house), both local names refer to its form. The architecture, construction, internal – external position, form or decoration, and the functions of the house reflect the culture and values of the Minangkabau. The similar model also can be found on Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.  Rumah Gadang, at first glance, also has similarities with traditional Toraja houses, Tongkonan. Rumah Gadang can’t be built in every places in Minangkabau territory, only in territory that already stated as Nagari this kind of house can be built.
Rumah Gadang built as a stilts house,  stilts house  is a model of traditional house that commonly found around Indonesia, this model is a reflection of local genius.
Rumah Gadang’s roof is essentially made from very simple materials the palm fiber. The roof has a curved and tapered upwards called Gonjong. It is the reason why people there also named Rumah Gadang as Bagonjong.
Rumah Gadang that resembles to the shape of boat hulls supposedly related to the shape of the boat Minangkabau ancestors in the past. The boat called Lancang (sassy) sail up to the upper of Batang Sampar river. Arriving on the ground, the boats then withdrawn and subsequently supported by the timber to stand strong also roofed and used as a temporary shelter. This is the forerunner to the Tower House.
Pointy shape like a buffalo horn at Rumah Gadang is also often associated with stories of Tambo Alam Minangkabau, this is memorial of event of glory when he beat Javanese on a buffalo race. Of course is a hereditary oral story of Minang peoples.
Rumah Gadang rich with exteriors and interiors elements each element of a Rumah Gadang has its own symbolic meaning, which is referred to in custom speech and aphorisms. Here are the elements of Rumah Gadang:
a. Gonjong, hornlike roof structure.
This roof form illustrates a direct relationship with God. Minang people commonly are very religious.
b. Dindiang tapi, the walls on the front and back elevations
Made of woven bamboo, this illustrates the strong unity, as a condition to achieve a prosperous society.
c. Singkok, triangular wall under the ends of gonjong 
d. Pereng, shelf under the singkok 
e. Anjuang, raised floor at the end of one style of rumah gadang 
f. Dindiang ari, the walls on the side elevations 
g. Papan banyak, front facade 
h. Papan sakapiang, a shelf or middle band on the periphery of the house 
i. Salangko, wall enclosing space under a house that has been built on stilts.
The pillars of the ideal Rumah Gadang are arranged in five rows that run the length of the house. These rows divide the interior into four long spaces called lanjar. The lanjar at the rear of the house is divided into bedrooms. According to custom rule, a rumah gadang must have at least five mine rooms,  and the ideal number is nine.
Rumah Gadang made in rectangular form, divided into two main part; front portion and backside portion. The front part of the house usually filled with various ornament and carving, guests who visit will be accepted in this section.  Ornaments and carving and generally adapt form of roots, flowers, leaves, field square and a parallelogram. While the outside of the rear hemisphere coated with bamboo.  Rumah Gadang supported by long poles, the building is built enlarged to top, but not easily fall by the shock of earthquake.
In the center front of Rumah Gadang usually put a ladder, this is the main access into the houserooms.  A separate kitchen built on the back of the main house.

Floating Houses in Holland

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Modern floating houses Drijf in Lelystad offer comfortable and contemporary living spaces, located on the water. Beautiful floating houses in Holland invite all nature lovers, providing chic living spaces that are harmoniously connected with the nature. Lushome presents these floating home design projects.

Floating houses are inspired by new ways of comfortable and Green living on the water. These floating home designs are architectural projects by Attika Architects. The floating houses are located in 40 kilometers from Dutch city of Lelystad. It is a new residential complex of eight modern floating houses situated on the water.

These floating houses are painted in natural colors creating harmony with the surroundings. All these floating houses are built in one architectural style and look very attractive together. The color scheme of the buildings boundlessly blend with the landscape, but each floating home has its own accent color, which distinguishes it from the rest of floating houses in the residential complex.




Wood for Home Decorating

Reclaimed wood diy project are great inspirations for those who appreciate country home decorating style. Creative green design ideas may inspire you to use salvaged wood in interior decorating, adding unique character and irresistible charm to your rooms and outdoor living spaces.

Using salvaged wood helps to design charming wall decor, lighting fixtures, furniture and decor accessories for indoor and outdoor living spaces, creating beautiful atmosphere of the warm and inviting country home decorating style., whether for interesting and modern interior decorating or profitable home staging.

Even small pieces of furniture or decor accessories made of reclaimed wood, dramatically transform rooms, bringing the flavor of old times and creating stunning focal points of modern home decorating. Storage furniture pieces, mirror or picture frames, clocks, wall decorations, shelves, coat racks, coffee tables, bed headboards or room dividers and decorative screens, made of salvaged wood, are excellent green design ideas and diy projects for home decorating in stylish eco style.


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Reclaimed wood home decorating ideas

Aged wood looks great in many variations. Wood boxes, old wooden ladders, pallets, shutters and reclaimed wooden pieces from old barns make your home decorating ideas feel unique, very personal and creative.Reclaimed wood pieces from old ships, barns, mills, commercial and residential building, have great potential, connecting traditions and bringing history into modern home decorating.